On making money….or not enough

IMG_5849I was sitting in the bar one night, complaining that my tips were lousy and I had not made enough money.  I was working as a bartender back then.  I was really upset and irritated that I had not made enough money and really discouraged in my job.  I was ranting and raving, not only about the money, but it roller balled into hating every little thing about my job.  — A wise man told me that I should be happy with the money I had made and I was lucky I even had a job to make money.  I hated him at that moment.  Drunk old fucker… but it turns out… he was right.  It is true….. and very important to know that every little step we make always gets us closer to the bigger goal.  It’s really horrible to waste such time wanting and missing something that isn’t there and causing myself so much grief when all I had to do was look at it a different way.


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